Canine Respiratory Disease

As you are likely aware, an unknown respiratory disease has been identified in dogs through out the United States. While the cause of the disease is unknown, there are some important safety steps that can be taken to protect pets.

  1. Until this disease identified we recommend avoiding dog parks, boarding, grooming and any other high dog traffic areas including shopping stores
  2. Keep your dog up to date on vaccinations
  3. Monitor respirations of your pet, appetite, and energy levels. If any sign of respiratory disease becomes evident, contact us to discuss.

If you come to our facility for an appointment with a pet showing respiratory signs, please follow these guidelines:

  1. When you arrive, call us from the car. Please do not bring the patient into the hospital until you are instructed to do so.
  2. We may ask you to use a side entrance to avoid our lobby or we may require curbside service where the pet will be examined without you, then the doctor will discuss the findings/recommendations with you
  3. When checking out, we ask that you refrain from petting or handling other dogs in our lobby as we do not know all the means of transmission of the disease

    Our goal is to provide the safest medical options for all our patients and the best possible care to your pets. Thank you for helping us protect our canine friends

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