Pet Surgery in Troy, NY

At Troy Veterinary Hospital, we offer expert spays & neuters as well as other soft tissue surgeries. Learn more about our surgery services below.


Our full-service veterinary hospital in Troy, NY offers a variety of soft tissue surgeries to ensure your pet’s always at their best! We use cutting-edge technology and work with a board-certified, traveling surgeon for orthopedic procedures!

The Benefits of Pet Spay and Neuters.

It is critical to spay or neuter your pet regardless of age. Use our spay or neuter services to extend their life and help control the animal overpopulation problem. Spaying and neutering your new furry bundle of joy or an older pet you may have adopted prevents a slew of health issues. Our full-service veterinary hospital in Troy, NY will provide excellent care in a straightforward, caring manner. We use cutting-edge technology to make the procedure as simple and painless as possible for you and your pet. Furthermore, we take great pride in informing you exactly what to expect and how your pet’s behaviour will be improved.

    Spaying and neutering your pet will prevent a variety of issues for you and your pet, ranging from aggressive and roaming behaviour to cancer. Female pets can get uterine infections and breast tumours, while male pets can get testicular cancer. Other issues that may arise include:

    • Male pets can have issues with their prostate.
    • Female pets go into heat and can become lost or hit by cars.
    • Female pets can have numerous pregnancies.
    • Male cats will spray urine around your yard and in your house to mark their territory.
    • Male pets will mount objects or other animals and potentially start an altercation with other animals.

    What to expect during surgery

    Your pet will be returned to you the same day after a spay or neuter procedure, and we will contact you when they are ready to be safely returned to your arms. During the procedure, their heart and respiratory rates, temperature, and oxygen level are all closely monitored. Troy Veterinary Hospital prioritises your pet’s comfort because, as pet owners ourselves, we understand how much they mean to you. We make a spay or neuter procedure comfortable for both you and your pet. We adore them from surgery preparation to recovery.
    Troy Veterinary Hospital is always available to the Troy community! Please do not hesitate to contact us at 518-279-4668 if you have any questions or concerns.