Troy Veterinary Hospital Veterinary Team

Meet the Troy Veterinary Hospital Veterinarians and Team! We are delighted to provide exceptional veterinary care for your pets!


We Look Forward To Meeting You

Troy Veterinary Hospital has assembled an expert team of veterinary professionals to provide your pet with the best possible care. We are very excited to meet you!

Dr. Laura Engel

Dr. Engel has been with us since starting her career. She is a graduate of Cornell University. Dr. Engel loves all facets of general veterinary practice, but surgery is her favorite part of being a veterinarian because a successful surgery is advantageous for all involved. Dr. Engel knew from age six that she wanted to be a veterinarian. She has always enjoyed helping pets and their owners; she couldn’t imagine doing anything else. With every patient, Dr. Engel’s goal is to perform a thorough exam so she can provide the best recommendations. She wants to make sure she answers all questions an owner has so they feel comfortable in their pet’s treatment decisions. Outside of work, Dr. Engel loves to run. She travels all over to participate in 5ks and marathons! She has two beautiful pups named Clyde, a Pomeranian mix, and Dottie, a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix she rescued! 

Dr. John VanLieshout

Dr.  VanLieshout- or Dr. John as we usually call him-is the most recent addition to our team. He graduated from Ross University. He grew up in Rome, NY, on his family’s dairy farm, where he developed a passion for helping animals of all kinds. Dr. John’s goal is to help strengthen the relationship between humans and their companion animals. He lives by the mantra, “regardless of the situation, wake up every morning with a smile on your face!” His wife, Jillian, and their young daughter, Vera, welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Johnny Jr, into their lives this past year. Dr. John is outdoorsy; he loves fishing, camping, and kayaking. Dr. John also has two rescues-Belle, a “coconut retriever” from St. Kitts, and Java, a rescue from the streets of St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Dr. Bonnie Robertson

Dr. Robertson is a Mississippi State University graduate and has been with us since she started to practice. Dr. Robertson went into the veterinary field because she grew up with many animals and always enjoyed science and medicine. She enjoys internal medicine and is furthering her education in gerontology and end-of-life issues. Dr. Robertson is passionate about rehabilitating sick and injured pets without people and helping them find their forever homes.  Her favorite part of being a veterinarian is being able to help our clients and their furry companions. Also, to help those animals without a family. Dr. Robertson’s goal walking into every exam is to strive to provide quality healthcare to everyone’s furry companions, educate our clients, and promote the human-animal bond. She lives by the mantra, “veterinary medicine, along with being a science, is art. Everyone has something to contribute and to learn something new every day.” In Dr. Robertson’s free time, she enjoys gardening and being outside. She shares her home with her cats named, Hamish and Isabella. Her cats remind her of what is essential in life; they keep her grounded. 

Dina, Lead LVT
Kelly, LVT
Rebecca, Lead Veterinary Assistant
Alexis, Veterinary Assistant
Amanda, Veterinary Assistant
Kayla, Veterinary Assistant
Allie, Client Service Representative
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